Another spot I see this problem with stitches being applicable is on the shin. 0 0. If you put too much on and it dries a bit lumpy, you can smooth it with a very fine emery board then wipe with an alcohol wipe. Few days to a week Ben. Glad it worked out for you mate & you are welcome! More Than Just Surviving displays paid advertisements and relevant affiliate links. One is formulated for medical use and should be kept in your first aid kit. Most people have no problem with that, but some people can have a serious reaction to the fumes- like a skin or an asthmatic reaction. The scar should take about 6 months to fade. You should use super glue instead of bandages when you have shallow lacerations/cuts. The latest "nick" was seen by wife and she SUGGESTED an ER trip for stitches. It’s is very deep straight from a razor blade I picked up in a hurry)then I cut my other hand and dropped it AND stepped on it! I use the loctite super glue ultra gel now for most of my cuts. We use a super glue type material on superficial wounds to close the skin. Superglue is not good for you! Can you use super glue on cuts? The following article is my opinion only. Depends on how much application and where you its applied. I have begun to taper my advice with more mainstream/less extreme recommendations due to the overlap of survival/preppers & regular people seeking medical help on my blog. You write: “Do not be an idiot like me and try peeling off the super glue yourself. super glue does a better job than any of the alternatives. Thanks for your additional comments. Superglue does not heal cuts and you should NEVER put superglue on skin! Some great advise there Josh, a syringe & saline solution combo are definitely a great option for aggressively (and precisely) irrigating out debris & dirt. Our bodies are pretty resilient, but if you notice any pain and/or discomfort please go to the E.R.! Lifted my other finger for a second, lots o blood coming out! I’m a carpenter and I always have superglue on hand. GREAT article btw! They are known under trade names like Super Glue, Krazy Glue, and a lot more. Sometimes the wound channel leaks at the end with little droplets of blood. Sorry about the late response! I usually just wait for the bleeding to subside and then add a dab of superglue. If anything, use Betadyne. neovascularis. Quickly browse through the first aid articles we’ve published on this blog, to see if there’s anything valuable you’ve yet to learn on the topics we’ve written about. I don’t recommend that anyone try this but I had two raised scars from cuts that would have needed stitches on my legs. General advice: Why hold up casualty when you can fix your self. The reason the glue was used in my case was because stitches were not a great option because there isn’t much tissue between the skin and bone on your scalp. It wasn’t.It took the doctor 45 minutes of cleaning, debriding and sewing. Super glue was originally created in 1942 in an attempt to use the material to make clear plastic sights for the guns being used in the war. You can get them on amazon. Today I got my finger tip in the way of some very sharp secateurs and, despite me using some butterfly stitches and lots of other medical dressings it was bleeding for hours. It can burn when applied however. I would like to order this product…. it was then brought to my attention that theres an old household remedy to cuts like that, and that we could try gluing it with super glue to help it heal. Want even more? One of the original uses for Super Glue was to close wounds on the battlefield. would it be safe to use medical super glue to seal a cut on my eyelid? Your child doesn’t need any injections of pain medication and there are no needles involved. Worked like a charm. I’m already pushing 30 now. Release your pinch and go grab a cold beer. Glad it worked out for you mate, I would still recommend irrigation- you don’t want the wound the heal over bits of debris! For a single dollar, you can get 5 decent tubes of super glue at the Dollar Store (more than enough for a year's worth of rips if you dig on your dogs twice a week all year long), while VetBond (on patent and therefore very expensive) will cost you $15 for a tiny blue squeeze bottle that will fix perhaps two small cuts. A lot of good tips here. In superglues I’ve always a great respect and never used it, after I saw pics of glued fingers or eyelids in some medical reports and pictures. What a good use for super glue since skin seems to be the only thing I can get it to work on, I have tried from generic to major brands and the stuff hardly holds, is it just me? Super glue is a fantastic medical resource for cuts, but while it is a little bit of magic goodness, it’s certainly not a magic bullet. Yes. They will dissolve the dried glue. We use a super glue type material on superficial wounds to close the skin. It Stung like hell but did the job. Did it eventually fall off? Please thanks so much. My daughter accidentally got some in her eye which shut her eyelid for a day or two, but it was OK. I stabbed my hand with a boning knife that would have had a stitch or two, but no time and work needed doing. by Joann Rosso | Oct 25, 2018. I was literally fixing to hit the floor any second so I asked her to get some super glue and with it still bleeding like crazy I tried to hold it together as I could and she put a generous amount of glue on my cut:. They also have plasticizers to make them more flexible. I believe the super glue we use to household repairs and the super glue the hospitals use is basically the same. The bond may not be entirely as strong, but if there’s an infection (despite irrigation and disinfection, as noted in the article) it allows the body to get rid of it. Its hurting though & I’m concerned about infection. The small cuts typically heal completely over the span of 24 hours. ), how did it work out Lennie? It was relatively effective as a quick and waterproof emergency measure, however, there were side effects such as damaging the tissue around the wound and irritating the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes. A buck to repair a cut or slice is okay by me. In any case, remove the bandaid slowly- if it is stuck use some nail polish remover with a queue tip to dissolve the super glue & go slowly, one section at a time. Thanks my friend answered few questions I had much appreciated. Thanks for a wonderful blog by the way. I guess that might make it useful for niche medical uses, but most of us should reach for something else. I’ve used it on numerous wounds that would normally required up to 10 and more stitches and have never had an adverse reaction. weight 210 g and 38 cm height. Super glue can be a viable option if used under the right circumstances (small and clean cut, not too deep and not infectious). Do not use antibiotic ointments over the skin adhesive, as it will dissolve the glue. :). The new scars are not raised and so much neater and less noticeable than what was there before and it’s only been about six weeks so they will continue to improve. I think she must have blinked her eye shut before it actually hit the eyeball. Can you use Gorilla Glue to close cuts? when I tell a new person how I sealed the fresh cut I just got yesterday with a bit of super glue. as super glue provides a quick solution that allows me to keep using the limb with the cut with very little discomfort and no (or limited) scarring. Thinking of trying rigs with rig glue and glue tubing as the stops. If you have a Dollar Store or some such thing the type with the screw lid work great. hide. It was gushing and my platelet count is very low . I don’t recommend it over joints, for instance, as the wound will open. It’s 48 hours after stiches were put. Otherwise, if the bleeding subsides, proceed to the next step. Take your time. An open wound is an injury involving an external or internal break in your body tissue, usually involving the skin. It's safe, but it might cause the cut to scar. Just because I sometimes using regular superglue on relatively deep cuts doesn’t mean its a good idea. Only use super glue for not-so-deep cuts. I got a cut on my finger on October 29, by setting up a banner, it snapped and smashed my finger but it also made a deep cut, which I only used bandages. This morning, I tried to make a beer-bottle drinking glass, as I’ve done before, but something went wrong (and I was overconfident – no gloves) and I got cuts on both hands. Another good use of super glue is when you have a split or broken nail. That said, you just gave me nightmares. Is it safe to use super glue on teeth? on very large cuts, use it like stables to close the wound working your way from one end to the other. I freaked.. Thanks! Using the version formulated for medical use — as opposed hardware glue — will avoid irritation and be more flexible. Health care providers today use a special tissue adhesive as an alternative to stitches, particularly for cuts that are small and not too deep. Using Super Glue on Cuts Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP For certain types of cuts, super glue is a great resource for closing and protecting the wound. Medical super glue has a different formula and causes less irritation but the household version is still effective. Just let it set and don’t scratch at it, and the super glue will fall of harmlessly. The tube of UHU is still yellow, but the owl has disappeared. I am not a medical practitioner and take no responsibility for how you use the information contained within this piece. Its 100% fine mate. My wholehearted thanks for this article! I wouldn’t even be able to type this if it wasn’t for the Glue. Well it took a decent chunk out of my finger (about 3/8″ deep, and fairly wide.y finger nail was pretty messed up for a while) before I realized what was happening. A doctor would have probably done even better, but I’m SO pleased with it I’ll be wearing a mini skirt for the first time next summer. I realise that I should have held it shut, then applied glue. You’ve pretty much answered all my questions. Here its 5 for 1$ so 20c a use which to me seems respectable. The Doctor said, " It's fine for small shallow cuts, but be very careful on deeper cuts". At home I feed some stray kitties, as well as my own (wet food-messy) and we rent a house with no dishwasher, so aside from doing our own regular dishes, every night I’ve got a constant rotation of cleaning plates, washing my hands after touching their dirty plates. There are many ways to ramp up your intake of antioxidants, and adding some antioxidant drinks to your diet is one of them. I remember hearing the (false) rumor that CA glues were invented for this purpose, and I’m confident with my research, and first aid abilities so here goes… Relatively painless, but I AM concerned about the depth of this cut. Instead I let the glue drip in the hole, then held it closed. Personally, I have never bothered using anything but Krazy glue and find it works satisfactorily. Which type would you say is the most resilient? I ran down the hall to my friends and ran water over it and used many many paper towels to try n slow the bleeding down but It wouldn’t, at all.. I hope it all works out- please drop by and let me know how it turns out. Essentially, use a delicate pinch. It mixed with blood and I swirled it around my finger and it stopped. It also keeps air and dirt out of the wound and helps small skin cracks or small cuts, like a paper cut, heal. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! Superglue is an acrylic based resin called Cyanoacrylate (CA). So he cleaned up the cut and put super glue on it, then wrapped it with a band-aid. anon52964 November 18, 2009 Peace Im out, Just recently returned from canoe trip deep in boreal forest slipped in water barefoot (not very smart) and sliced my foot on a rock my friends said I needed to go home needed about 8 stitches . we could never be without its awesome cut sealing and i might add disinfecting properties. Howdy Thomas! I wound up cutting it and squeezing it like a zit and out came plastic. Any thoughts to that end? I only have a few years left before I’ll be too old for it. 9. 6 comments. :(, I managed to cut myself with a kitchen knife in a finger… report. (No pun intended) It works great and is especially good in the winter time when my fingers get cracks. The glue stems bleeding and has been used for that by athletes and veterinarians to deal with small cuts. Why on earth he would have the trousers on whilst fixing it knowing full well he wasn’t wearing anything underneath is insane. The kind of fingernail glue you’d use when you accidentally break a nail and it’s in a place that’s better to glue the nail back together since you can cut the nail where it broke? Super glue can be used but only on the outer edge of the wound (not down in it) to help seal the cracks until they can heal properly. Thx. Interesting information & I definitely second the advice to always use it on the surface (pinch the wound together if you have to) of the wound. Never use any kind of Super Glue removers to try to remove the glue from your dog. So, keep it in your toolbox. …your scalp?! Your email address will not be published. Today I was practicing some bushcraft and cut myself with a Mora Knife. Dang! Also know it is important to clean the wound cavity before closing it, and also important to know. it works quite well, but is weak. It’s a constant throbbing. I used it on my finger tip once when a small drill went into my skin. One of the flip sides of having a larger/more established site I guess but its always going to put me in an odd situation as you can’t please everyone- hence the stream of disclaimers I have to put down in every first aid article. Medical cyanoacrylate adhesives — also called skin glue or surgical glue — are less toxic than the version you keep in your tool box. As with everything in life, the buck stops with you, so do your own due diligence and when in doubt always seek professional advice. My wife can reluctantly attest to that fact. If possible, get someone to help you. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 1. What are the reasons not to use it on the face? My finger is sealed shut, and the bleeding stopped! I cut the entire tip of my thumb off. When is skin glue used? I’m diabetic & my feet crack open a few times a year. As always do your own due diligence and know your own limits with regards to comfort threshold. However, more effective is to simply wash/rinse the wound with running water, get it as clean as you can. Skinstitch has a cap that you can put back on so you can use one tube multiple times and it doesn’t burn like dermabond that is single use. This may sound obvious, but watch your fingers after using superglue. As already mentioned, super glue is not appropriate for medical uses because it is not sterilized. Great blog and very informative . In many instances all a doctor can do is clean it. Dental use of household super glue carries great risks. Had rods put in my penis due to problems One rod came through the skin and had to be taken out all this is been very disappointing and painful I have one rod left as two were put in . Available at Dollar Tree for, well, one dollar (.5 gram tube/applicator). Most of the time: Superglue works really well on something like a paper cut. They stiches it but said I can’t go in the water for 7 days! Share this - copied. Let’s just first agree I screwed up before I ask my question… Try not to tear the super glue bond thats sealing the wound. I keep several containers in my truck at all times. As a consequence of this devotion to sharp objects, I very frequently find myself with nicks and cuts of all sizes (curse you assisted openers!). Howdy Egi! Lifted my finger from the wound for a second, it stayed close for an instant, putted a little of glue and tried to disperse the glue across my finger to fasten the drying process. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. One of the early uses of super glue was to stop bleeding in injured soldiers during the Vietnam war and several versions have been approved for medical use. A type of super glue is used on battlefields to seal wounds. So between work, and home, I honestly must rinse or wash my hands over 100 times daily. The superglue is applied only to the surface of the skin, never inside the cut. the cuts have very little if any scarring and heal quicker than other methods of care. It depends if the tissue around the wound is dead or damaged but generally speaking I would say that it won’t be an issue- might have more scarring that micro stitches from the get go but honestly- give it 24hrs and the wound should have healed to the point that blood flow is non-existent, might not be the prettiest but I don’t see the bond breaking to the point that you would be back to square one. Alicia B. Now I’m still freakin cuz I didn’t wash it at all before we did this just ran cold water over it, and now I’m not sure how to go about getting these band aides off, is it gonna make the cut bust open or do u have any advice? One is meant for gluing objects and should be kept in your tool box. To finish picked up the ” super unglue” and removed the glue from my other fingers. You can use a triple anitbiotic cream, but probably no more neccessary. It is sold under many different brand names, from Krazy Glue to Loctite. the left side is now the only one left I’m only leaving it in due to the pain of taking it out now I noticed tonight that it is wearing through the skin wear Where the skin is thinner I see the doctor tomorrow but there’s a small hole there and I’m wondering if the doctor could put surgical glue there and try that, Hi Gene, all the best for your predicament- hopefully it got sorted out. Howdy Lewis, I wrote in length on the matter (here), you have to bare in mind that this is a survival blog and a lot of the time I write from the perspective of “last ditch/dealing with what life throws at you alone” options. It leaves the worst film of glue on your teeth. so we just used standard super glue to close the wound. It lacks only the warning notice: Please do not swallow! What to Do for Concussion Care and Recovery, Making a Left Turn While Talking on the Phone? Paper cuts and light cuts from sharp knives are the best candidates for super glue over the use of band-aids. 20 years experience ENT and Head and Neck Surgery. You should DEFINITELY be careful with feline related injuries as they are almost guaraeed to get infected. Welcome to JustAnswer. Hope your cut healed up nicely :). 1.4 g. The adhesive cost was $4.24 for each. Hi Andrew, sorry about the late response. Apply a thin layer of the superglue and wait for the super glue to cure. Used for a variety of household applications, it is also used in the cosmetic industry to glue false nails in place. July 9, 2015 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: February 5, 2020 125 Comments. Should have read your article first. Rather than defaulting to using bandages to seal those cuts, I’ve instead found myself becoming very good friends with superglue over the years. I don’t think it will stay on that long tho. Why are you concerned? Nearly everyone will experience an…, When your skin gets cut or scraped, you begin to bleed. I've used household super glue on paper cuts and small cuts on my fingers and it works great. Proceed to wait until bleeding has subsided by applying pressure around the wound. Don’t be an idiot like me and try peeling off the super glue yourself. I firmly believe that super glue is one of the best options available for sealing cuts. It will be fine! Sadly though, I am down to my last 2 bottles so only 1 will be consumed this evening. If it is, use alternatives around instead of super glue. Don’t ever do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If you’re bleeding a lot, you probably shouldn’t risk it if there are alternatives around. I used it. This information is not particularly accurate. Also, the ED/ER/MD, says that superglue is the same as the dermabond type products, and a lot cheaper. It’s pretty common for people to rub their eyes without thinking and, needless to say, the consequences can be dire. No fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! How to care for a wound closed with skin glue. Times have changed. ;). Subjects: Know utilities and complications about cyanoacrylate using on primary synthesis or surgery hurts. Do not use alcohol, or any other form of antiseptic such as alcohol or peroxide, this kills cells. If you do this and have to use it make sure you don’t put the syringe into the wound, but keep about an inch away from the wound. I’m a bartender and I’m constantly rinsing or washing my hands at work. It will go away by itself. With regards to scars, having used super glue to seal over 50 cuts in the past 4-5 years alone, the only scars that I have are actually from stitches. I would also recommend integrating a syringe (the type with a nozzle instead of a needle) and a sealed bag of medical saline solution into your pack so you can safely wash out any small debris from the wound. I didn’t even know there was a medical grade. . I had used in the past for closing comparable minor injuries, mostly cuts, an in Germany well-known “all-purpose glue” called UHU containing the substances methyl acetate and acetone and which can easily be removed / disconnected a few days later from the wound surface.

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