3Bachmann, Helena. But as you munch on a piece of brown magic, take a moment to mull over these delicious facts about Swiss chocolate. There are more than 1500 lakes in Switzerland containing around … Tipping can majorly impact the salaries of service workers, but there are more interesting and weird facts about tipping that you might not know. Needless to say, there are a lot of very interesting Switzerland facts to know. WTF Fun Facts is updated daily with interesting & funny random facts. Learn what makes Switzerland unique and explore interesting Switzerland facts for kids. Bern or Berne is the capital of Switzerland. In 1891, Karl Elsener invented the Swiss Army Knife after finding out the army’s knives were actually made in. A jewel of Europe, Norway offers a dazzling mix of history and natural wonder. 19Rohter, Larry. Most buildings in the country constructed since the 1960s have a fallout shelter. The canton comprises 15,264 sq miles located on the shore of the largest lake of Europe, called Lake Geneva in the English-speaking world. Here are some more interesting facts about Switzerland that will make your trip even better. 123. To make this even more fun, I want to ask you a question and challenge you. Culture Shock! Switzerland is one of only two countries in the world to have a square-shaped flag, the other being Vatican City. The goal of the APPP is to be the fourth largest political party in Switzerland, and their motto is “Finally do something!”, The first ready-made “cup of soup” in the world was invented by Julius Maggi and Carl Knorr in 1886. 2Anti-Powerpoint Party. A handshake (with firm eye contact) is a formal way of greeting people. Ruth Dreifuss becomes the first female president of Switzerland. It was carved from wood by carpenter Louis Genève and the idea was conceptualized by Daniel Berset. A handshake(with firm eye contact) is a formal way of greeting people. Fun Facts About Switzerland – Culture And Funny Facts. A Swiss Yodelling Festival is held every three years and attracts around 10,000 yodellers, flag-throwers, and alphorn players. From incredibly tall snowpeople to a quirky hair freezing competition, here are 30 uplifting winter facts that will warm your heart this season. The Matterhorn is one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe. The Swiss government has mandated a program to provide every Swiss citizen a bomb shelter. 10 Surprising Facts about Switzerland 10 Surprising Facts about Switzerland. These 110 weird facts will get everyone talking, including the best weird animal facts and weird fun facts. The Sonnenberg tunnel in Lucerne is able to house up to 20,000 people for an extended period of time as a fallout shelter. Switzerland has the highest mountains in Europe. Accessed March 30, 2015. As part of an image campaign, the Swiss Bankers Association launched the Dankomat as a way of expressing the banks' sympathy towards Switzerland and its people. “New Swiss Law Protects Rights of ‘Social’ Animals.” Animalliberationfront.org. “An Unlikely Trendsetter Made Earphones a Way of Life.” New York Times. May 15, 2014. 1. Some of the most interesting facts associated with this fascinating country have been mentioned below. 5.5 tons of wood was used to construct this 12 m high chair. September 16, 2003. “Swiss Still Braced for Nuclear War.” BBC News. Switzerland does not have a president as chief of state. Three cantons sign a common defense treaty and found the Swiss Confederation, birth of the Swiss nation. 28The Europe Book. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on September 12 2019 in World Facts. We never experienced them all but here are the 16 weird and interesting facts about Switzerland: (1) I t is illegal to keep just one guinea pig or hamster. Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland behind Zurich and the most international city in Europe with over 40% of its population coming from outside Switzerland. Weird Facts About Switzerland Switzerland is a small country situated in Western Europe. 10:53. Due to malfunctions, the first experiments do not take place until a year later. If you see something that looks incorrect, please let me know at wanderer [at] wonderfulwanderings.com and I'll look into it. Ah, Germany - the land of limitless road trips, beer, sausages and Oktoberfest. The World Economic Forum is held for the first time in Davos, Switzerland. However, Switzerland was not a confederation until 1848. It is also one of the most expensive places in the world and an ideal destination to indulge in luxuries. Swiss watches are known for their pedigree and precision. 11Goldwert, Lindsay. Founded in 1219, Switzerland was a union of 3 districts resisting Habsburg rule. The official name of Switzerland is Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin. In 1802 the Swiss fought a war called Stecklikrieg with wooden clubs against. It is illegal to keep just one guinea pig in Switzerland; they must be kept in pairs, Today, the "Officers' Knife" is available in over 100 different models, Switzerland has more high mountain peaks than any other country in Europe, The Pope's personal guard are called the Swiss Guard, and they all come from Switzerland, Swiss actress Ursula Andress is most famous for her role in the very first James Bond film “Dr. MORE IN … A landlocked nation of Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, cheese, and chocolate. Before migrating to Switzerland, I admittedly did not know very much about this European country other than the obvious stereotypes: cheese, chocolate and the Alps. Prepare to be astounded by these 50 weird facts that you won't believe are true. Switzerland is one of the smallest, yet most special countries in the world. New facts all day - every day! Here is a mix of informative and interesting facts to prepare you for visiting or living in Switzerland. “Switzerland’s Military Defenses Involve Blowing Up All Roads into the Country.” Business Insider. September 5, 2014. 123. March 13, 2007. At the foot of some of the most magnificent Alpine peaks is the Interlaken Indoor Skiing facility. The council then selects one person to serve as president (referred to as “first among equals”) for a one-year term. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2005. Fun & Interesting Facts About Switzerland. Below is a look at some of these facts: Skiing started in Norway and not in Switzerland Switzerland has four national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland’s official name is still the “ Swiss Confederation “. The world’s first portable cassette player called the Stereobelt was tested for the first time in St. Moritz, Switzerland. “How the Job of a Teacher Compares Around the World.” The Guardian US. January 4, 2012. : Learn the Truth and Spot the Lie on Everything from Tequila-Made Diamonds to Tetris’ Soviet Roots. 15 Fun Facts about Switzerland More to Switzerland Than Meets the Eye Switzerland is a mountainous destination that we have all heard and dreamed about. 21 Interesting Facts About Switzerland. Leadinglights / Getty Images/iStockphoto . When we first arrived Geneva, Switzerland, we heard about some weird (sometimes weirdest) facts about Switzerland. The Eisriesenwelt was formed by the erosive action of the Salzach River. Honestly, "Sprockets" isn't that far-fetched. They are synonymous with luxury. Switzerland has the highest mountains in Europe. Lantal Textiles in Switzerland make the fabrics and window coverings for Air Force One and the carpets in the official plane flown by, In Switzerland, it is legal to use and grow, In Zurich, there are big, yellow vending machines that sell safe, government-subsidized syringes to. Plenty of animals tuck away food for the winter, including red squirrels, who prepare a particularly unique snack to enjoy when the temperature drops. Everybody knows about the famous Swiss chocolate, cheese and watches. The citizens elect a new President every year. Interesting Facts about Geneva. We all knew that Switzerland was neutral, but did you know for how long? (Source: Wikipedia) In 2009, 300 people have chosen Switzerland to legally end their lives. No wonder: located on the shores of a picturesque lake, and surrounded by the mighty mountains, it is a surprising combination of the southern charisma and famous Alpine temperance. Germany has a reputation for being a straight-laced, by-the-books country -- but plenty of weirdness bubbles just below the surface. Daniel Peter, a Swiss confectioner, developed the first solid milk chocolate in 1875. 121. Instead, it is governed by a seven-member council, and council members rotate in one-year terms as federal president. William Tell “legend” takes place in Switzerland. Everyone recognizes Switzerland as the land of mountains, cheese and happy people. As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. Society Everyone recognizes Switzerland as the land of mountains, cheese and happy people. Although America is notorious for tipping, the practice first started as a European custom. 1“1957: BBC Fools the Nation.” BBC News: On This Day 1950-2005. Switzerland hasn’t fought in an international war since 1815. However, as the time progresses, one gets to know the Swiss and their culture better and there is always a great potential for lifelong friendship. The Swiss like to use family namesrather than the first name when greeting someone. Switzerland has a square flag; the only other square country flag belongs to the Vatican. The monument serves as a reminder to politicians visiting Geneva about the ruthlessness of such war tactics. In Bern is a 500 year old statue of a creepy man eating a sack of … Most of the world’s top luxury watch brands like Tissot, Rolex, Heuer, Longines, etc., all come from Switzerland. All rights reserved. It is an underground station located below the Jungfraujoch col at an altitude of 3,454 m above sea level. Active euthanasia has been legal since the 1940's. 30Thompson, Wayne C. The World Today Series 2013: Western Europe, 32nd ed. As of 2014, the average salary for a Swiss teacher was US $68,000 per year. It takes 19 days and 21 hours. He is also buried there, and his corpse was stolen by a small group of Swiss mechanics in an attempt to extort, Switzerland’s Anti-PowerPoint Party, or APPP, actually works to decrease the number of PowerPoints used in professional presentation, claiming that Microsoft PowerPoint and its other software products are actually economically harmful. It is estimated that they drink on average 165 million cups of tea every day. Celts establish the La Tène civilization in the region between the Alps and Jura. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 worldatlas.com, Top 10 Interesting Facts About Switzerland. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in Switzerland in 1989. He even once prosecuted a fisherman for taking too long to catch a Pike. WTF Facts - Page 259 of 1183 - Funny, interesting, and weird facts. What are some interesting facts about Switzerland? First names are usually used with close friends and family. Ponder our interesting Greece facts to discover azure coastlines, picturesque villages, and a dynamic history that gave birth to Western civilization. 18“People.” Presence Switzerland.org. Several UN agencies and the Red Cross are headquartered in Geneva. The country might be tiny but big enough for absurdities. It is located beneath the Switzerland-France border in a tunnel that is 27 km long. The Dalai Lama owns the smallest vineyard in the world, which is located in Switzerland. “Diamond Ring Made Entirely Out of Bling; 150-carat Bauble Could Fetch $68 M.” New York Daily News. Legal requirements in the country enforce the building of shelters so that every inhabitant can have access to a nearby protected place during an emergency. 14. There is a lawyer, Antoine Goetschel, in Switzerland who represents animals in court. The name "Italy" conjures sparkling coastlines, delicious cuisine, and ancient history. Some of Thailand’s facts and figures in a nutshell. It has been estimated that between 1400 and 1848, more than 2 million Swiss mercenaries were employed by foreign powers. The next year, it managed to fly an entire diurnal solar cycle. The Swiss flag is a red square with a white cross in the center. Which of these Poland facts did you already know about before reading? One of the many interesting facts about Switzerland is the country’s political system. The Swiss Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in Europe. 23Steves, Rick. 124. High German is the written language and the medium of instruction in schools. Switzerland has four official languages, French, German, Italian, and Romansch. The American Public Power Association (APPA) says that squirrels are the most frequent cause of power outages in the U.S. In 1864, hotel pioneer Johannes Badrutt opened the first, Luge was invented in the 1870s by a Swiss entrepreneur named Caspar Badrutt, who was looking for activities to entice travelers to his hotel in the. Gruyère cheese comes from a village in Switzerland called Gruyères. What do you know about Sweden? In 2007, Switzerland accidentally invaded its neighbor Liechtenstein. Switzerland accidentally invades Liechtenstein and then apologizes. It consisted of 2500 eggs and 265 lbs (120 kg) of. Some interesting variations on skiing have developed in Switzerland, including ski-joring, where the skier is pulled along on skis behind a horse, jeep, or even airplane, and ski gliding, where a hang glider takes off with skis attached to his or her feet and uses skis to assist in landing. It took 10 years (1998 to 2010) to complete the LHC. Teaching in Switzerland is one of the highest paid occupations. Albert Einstein came up with his special theory of relativity and the famous formula E=MC2 in Bern, Switzerland, in 1905. Test yourself on how many of these top 35 Swiss facts you know. People from around the world often mix up Switzerland and Sweden This is one of the weird Switzerland facts that I don’t really understand as a Swede. You got to have them in pairs. Go to more country facts LOAD COMMENTS AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION. January 18, 2008. Switzerland Facts for Kids. The “Broken Chair,” a monumental sculpture, is located across the street from the Palace of Nations in Geneva. Germany lures you with castles in forests, valleys of vineyards and cosy villages. Most everything about Russia is epic: its winters, literature, & geographical size. The condensed milk was also invented in Switzerland by Henri Nestlé, Peter’s neighbor in Vevey. (2) A man may not relieve himself while standing up after 10 pm. At 4,478 meters (14,692 feet) above sea level, the Matterhorn is the 12th highest summit in the Alps. … Only 0.5% speak Romansh. Some of the most interesting facts associated with this fascinating country have been mentioned below. 17Pancevski, Bojan. The Burgundians settle in the western part of Helvetia, and the German Alemanni settle in the south and east. 8Eu-Wong, Shirley. Even the most seasoned traveller will love our fun Italy facts. March 5, 2010. Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only two countries that have square-shaped flags. Here are some fascinating Switzerland facts and stunning superlatives: 1. April 26, 2008. There are allegedly 75 different Alpine scents in the cheese, including vanilla, orchid, violet, chestnut, mint, wood shavings, hazelnuts, and fresh grass among them. It’s one word that many people instantly associate with Switzerland, not just at Easter but all year round. The Swiss are reservedand they do not get along quickly with the newcomers.

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