“In these situations, my go-to is a Turkey and Soda.”. This rye harmonizes beautifully with the classic New Orleans cocktail’s Peychaud’s bitters and absinthe, plus it can handle a little dilution from some ice. And Neil Heimsoth, beverage manager at White Orchids Thai Cuisine in Center Valley, Pa., holds it up as an exemplary rye overall. Once the dusty bottle forgotten at the back of the cabinet, rye whiskey is enjoying a resurgence nowadays. By 2018, sales of rye whiskey had reached over one million 9-liter cases. Dewar’s 12 Year Old. A favorite of bartenders and budget-conscious whiskey drinkers, Old Overholt has stood the test of time. Now in its 7th iteration, this one might be the boldest and most ambitious yet. Best Rye Whiskey . Knob Creek Rye. After taking home double gold at last year’s SF World Spirits Competition, this particular expression from Baltimore’s finest craft purveyor is suddenly on a lot of whiskey wishlists. review process here. Distilled across the great lands of North American, rye whiskey is typically an American or Canadian whiskey distilled from at least 51% rye. Zach Johnston Twitter Life Writer. The whiskey world ought to keep an eye on this brand as its older stocks start moving from barrel to bottle. Here, a guide to five of the best—each of them delicious enough to sip neat and affordable enough to mix into drinks. Spicy, bold, and part of America’s spirit history, rye whiskey is becoming an increasingly popular option for both cocktailians and those who prefer their whiskey straight. Sourced from MGPI in Indiana—as so many of the top-selling ryes tend to be—this 5-year-old spirit benefits immensely from a sturdy finish in port-seasoned European oak. This is another rye whiskey … Rittenhouse follows the letter of the law and the high-quality, spicy spirit is one that bartenders turn to time after time. Lot No. Our Review Of Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye. Others, like high-rye … According to Vacheresse, the best rye whiskey under $50 is hands down Pikesville Rye, a product of Kentucky’s Heaven Hill. 11 Year Old Old Overholt, a limited release available only in PA an OH. The Best Rye Whiskeys Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey. While there are a number of great Canadian whiskies on the market, Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve is one of the best best-rated releases. No disrespect intended; long gone are the days in which rye could be considered an also-ran. Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey ($34 for 750mL) It may seem like a sin to put one of the best ryes on the market in a cocktail, but anything goes in a drink as simple and elegant as the Old Fashioned. Wild Turkey 101 Rye is great mixing whiskey (your Manhattans will never be the same). Best known as bourbon’s spicy cousin, rye whiskey makes for a delicious sipper or cocktail ingredient in its own right. Accordingly, no connoisseur’s collection is complete if it doesn’t contain at least a few of the best rye whiskeys. The spice and malty quality of the grain come through, balancing out the fruity sweet vermouth, while the spirit’s cinnamon and nutmeg notes play off the bitters. And while you’ll often see it as the stiffer half of a Boilermaker, this rye can also be stirred into a fine Manhattan or a spicy Old Fashioned. Here's the very best bourbon, rye whiskey, scotch, rum, gin, tequila and more we sampled this year. Rye whiskey has a drier taste than other whiskeys, like bourbon, that are made primarily with corn. Since 2007, however, rye whiskey sales have exploded. Mix this bottle with classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or a drink that calls for an amaro, or sip it straight with a splash of water to help tame the heat. From American rye to Australian whiskey, these are the best rye whiskey recommendations we can make. The whisky is made in a 12,000 liter copper pot-still and is 100% rye--90% Canadian rye and 10% malted rye. When using it to make a Sazerac, don’t forget the lemon zest garnish. Best Overall Rye Whiskey: Russell’s Reserve 6-Year Small Batch.Despite rye’s recent burst of popularity, for a time it was represented consistently by only three brands: Jim Beam, Old Overholt and Wild Turkey. "Pikesville is the same mash bill as [the cheaper and younger] Rittenhouse Rye," he says, "but it’s six years old and comes in at 110 proof. Though a whiskey only has to contain 51 percent rye grain to be deemed a rye whiskey in the U.S., Redemption went a bit further, creating their signature bottling with 95 percent rye grain. These are not your typical Jim Beam or Canadian Club rye whiskeys, these are the best rye whiskeys around. You should consider trying it on a Sazerac, which is a cocktail made with bourbon – with bitters – and Pernod along with sugar served with lemon peel. These best rye whiskey choices can be enjoyed alone, as a sipper, or mixed into a drink like a Manhattan, a rye sour or an Old Fashioned. Click here to browse our full list of reviews! The Best Whiskey Glasses, According to Experts. Distilled from 100 percent rye, producers aged the spirit in charred American oak barrels for 16 years. It’s a high rye, 95% with 5% malted barley, spirit that after only four short years in … It’s a blend of two different rye whiskeys (a younger spirit and an older spirit, both aged two years at minimum), and it’s designed to be twice as spicy as your average rye. “It’s cheap, it’s boozy, it’s delicious,” he says. Pikesville 6-year-old 110 proof straight rye (55% ABV) Read our full review of Pikesville straight rye. “That’s what gives us our signature Wild Turkey heat,” says Eddie Russell, Wild Turkey’s Associate Distiller. He moonlights as a beer and spirits consultant, hosting monthly craft pairings/educational dinners in both Los Angeles and New York, and curating drink menus for festivals and restaurants. Whistlepig's rye whiskey turns a transparent amber color during aging because it is nearly purely rye. Typical of Kentucky styled rye whiskeys, its mash bill is 51% rye, 37% corn and 12% malted barley. The best new release rye whiskies of 2020. Still, this spirit is smooth and sippable with flavors of honey and fresh herbs like mint, along with the classic spice on the finish. Here, a guide to five of the best—each of them delicious enough to sip neat and affordable enough to mix into drinks. Utah’s original craft whiskey producer is best known for its artful takes on rye. Bourbon's older, spicier cousin is taking over the American whiskey scene. I … Whereas a $20 bottle of rye was blasphemous in the early 2000s, notable brands such as WhistlePig, High West, and Michter’s have convinced consumers that high quality entries are worth triple that amount—and more. Templeton rye whiskey is one of the best alcoholic beverages to break out on special events or occasions and share with family/friends. Marissa Mazzotta, bar director at The Shanty, the distillery’s attached bar, recommends stretching it out with bubbly soda water in a Whiskey Highball, though it would also work in a strong, stirred drink like an aptly named Brooklyn. Col. E.H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey and Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey Awarded Gold Medals in The Fifty Best American Rye Whiskey Tasting FRANKFORT, KY (Dec. 17, 2020) – Col. E. H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey and Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey were awarded Gold medals in the distinguished “Best Rye Whiskey” awards for 2020, hosted by The Fifty Best. A Guide to the Best Rye Whiskies Under $50 In the last half-decade or so, the boom in rye whiskey has brought with it a broad range of expressions and styles.

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